Granton Gas Works

Customer:National Grid

Value: £6.3 million

The reclamation of Granton Gas Works formed part of the regeneration of Edinburgh’s Waterfront.

The 190-hectare area is being developed over 9 years for commercial, housing and leisure end-uses.

Works were carried out in 3 phases:

Phase 1 (£3.8 million)

Work on a 30-hectare area of the semi-live gas works

  • The demolition of large buildings, including asbestos removal and the dismantling of overhead pipe-work
  • The disposal off-site of 70,000 tonnes of material contaminated by tars and spent oxides
  • The on-site bioremediation of 6,500m3 of diesel contaminated material
  • The break-out and processing of 40,000m3 of concrete and brick to type 1 and 6F2 respectively, facilitated by the excavation of 120,000m3 of general fill material

Phase 1A, Stages 1 and 2 (£725,000)

Phase 1A was split into two parcels of work on further areas of the site. The scope of the works was:

  • To select and remove contaminated material for disposal or potential bioremediation from areas released by Transco.
  • Enabling works and the dismantling of a 110m high decommissioned gas holder
  • To form and line a watercourse diversion to be linked up as part of a future phase
  • Breakout and processing of subsurface concrete and brick structures for re-use on site
  • Treatment and discharge of contaminated water
  • General excavation and filling

Phase 2 (£1.8 million)

Involved the break out and remediation of a redundant Pressure Reduction Station (PRS) compound area, the off-site disposal of contaminated material, the construction of drainage diversion and live gas main protection slabs.

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