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At VHE Construction, we recognise the importance of using natural resources in the most cost effective and efficient manner. This is not just on a macro level in terms of protecting the earth’s resources but also in the best interests of our customers. We understand the pressures and constraints that our commercial and housing development customers operate under. We believe that they want reassurance from their specialist contaminated land remediation and infrastructure contractors that their requirements will be delivered on time and to budget in a safe and demonstrable environmentally sustainable manner.
Over the years, VHE has repeatedly delivered these aspects on a wide range of brownfield site reclamation projects. Our expertise in contaminated land remediation gives our customers the reassurance that we can deal with virtually any condition encountered in the development of former use sites, in a consistent and most cost effective way. We understand how recycling and reuse of excavated materials can provide bottom line savings and cost certainty directly for our customers.
Our expertise lies in Engineering Resources Efficiently. Hopefully, within our web site you will see many examples of this and identify how we may add value to your business. The earlier the dialogue, the greater the benefit that we can bring! Please contact our Business Development Team via e-mail or telephone us on 01226 320150 to discuss your requirements further.