Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 Page 10 Page 11 Page 12- 9 - FLOOD DEFENCE Flood Defence and Scour Protection works designed to protect major residential and transport infrastructure River flooding has become a feature of life in the UK as land comes under pressure for development and climatic changes lead to increased rainfall across the country. Traditional flood defences are struggling to cope meaning that emergency works are often required alongside advanced planning for infrastructure protection. As part of the Renew Holdings Group, VHE has been able to work closely with other specialist and Group companies to design and implement the best solutions for the development and protection of water and transport infrastructure across the United Kingdom. This experience includes the repair and replacement of viaducts carrying transport infrastructure across flooded rivers as well as the installation of new infrastructure required by water companies, the Environment Agency and local authorities to make maximum use of their assets and provide future flood protection. As a specialist remediation and infrastructure contractor, VHE has extensive experience in dealing with statutory utilities providers, infrastructure owners and government authorities so understands the importance of establishing excellent communications with all stakeholders to ensure that flood defence work is carried out as efficiently as possible and meets the needs of the local community. Scour Protection Works Customer: Amco Value: £3.0 million Scour protection works to 17 rail structures throughout the UK from Greater Manchester to Buckinghamshire. Working in close collaboration with our group sister company, Amco Rail, we have delivered a portfolio of 17 scour protection works to rail structures located near rivers at various sites throughout the Midlands for Network Rail. The works involve a mixture of activities including installation of temporary dams, fish relocation, excavation of river bed silts and rubble, installation of fibre reinforced concrete fabric mattresses, placement of rock armour and gabion walls and brickwork repairs. One of the major challenges of the projects is to maintain the water flow in the various rivers. This requires extensive coffer dams and temporary diversion works designed on a bespoke basis to overcome the challenges of each particular site. VHE has extensive expertise in water management to prevent pollution and in meeting the demands of the regulatory authorities. Projects carried out included: Contact VHE now on 01226 320150 • Visit • Find us on • Shifnal, Shropshire • Belvedere River Severn • River Anker at Polesworth • River Ehen in Cumbria • Tame Viaduct in Manchester • Wooton Waven • Claydon Brook • River Stour, Stourbridge • Meece Brook • River Thame Haddenham • River Pent Stafford • Smite Brook Stourbridge • 2 sites on the River Cherwell in Banbury • Body Moor Brook Kingsbury • Whalley viaduct Lancashire • River Tame Lea Marston.