Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 Page 10 Page 11 Page 12- 8 - LANDFILL Since the business was established, VHE has developed an excellent reputation as a leading UK remediation contractor that is able to deal with a wide variety of projects. Many of these have involved the remediation of historical former landfill sites, a large number of which were unlicensed with little control over the material deposited. This experience and knowledge is invaluable to modern landfill site operators and waste companies who are tasked with managing and developing their facilities in a controlled and efficient manner. In recent years we have constructed several hazardous and non-hazardous landfill cells and installed drainage and leachate pipework as well as clay liners and gas protection systems. In addition, we have constructed roadways, car parks, weighbridges, wheel wash facilities as well as office foundations. Our experience in providing remediation services means that there are not many facets of modern landfill facilities that we haven’t delivered. Landfill Projects Customer: Viridor Parkwood - This involved the permanent capping of a landfill cell including the regrading of waste and placement of 300mm regulating layer; Installation of a Geosynthetic Clay Liner, LLDPE Geomembrane, Geocomposite and placement of 1500mm of restoration soils over the Geocomposite. Modifications were also made to the landscaping, gas collection system, drainage works and included construction of a new cell wall including lining and associated pipework for leachate and gas. Pilsworth - This contract involved the capping of Landfill Cells 1A, 1B, 2 and 3 along with the installation of over 40,000m2 of LLDPE liner. In addition, we constructed several new gas collection wells and installed a network of gas and leachate collection systems. Erin - VHE undertook the construction of a new cell to accommodate the tipping of asbestos materials at this site in Derbyshire. This involved the excavation of 11,000m3 of material to form the cell which was lined with a welded 2mm HDPE and covered with a geotextile protector. A stone leachate layer was placed over the floor of the cell into which a network of leachate pipework was installed along with associated chambers and monitoring points. Outside of the cell, surface water ditches and fencing works were carried out along with works to divert a public footpath Rigmuir - Works comprised the permanent capping of 13,000m2 of an infilled part of the Rigmuir landfill site. The landfill was capped with a 300mm layer of soils overlain by a welded 1mm LLDPE and a geotextile protector over which subsoil and topsoils were placed and seeded. Other works included the modification of existing gas and leachate wells. Ardley - This involved both permanent and temporary capping of a landfill cell including regrading of waste and placement of 200mm Clay regulating layer, Installation of a LLDPE Geomembrane, Geocomposite and placement of 1000mm of restoration soils over the Geocomposite. Land Remediation and Infrastructure Contracting Services to the Waste Industry in the UK Contact VHE now on 01226 320150 • Visit • Find us on