Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 Page 10 Page 11 Page 12- 11 - COASTAL PROTECTION VHE has developed the necessary skills for Coastal Protection Our experience in materials management and the installation and protection of new and existing infrastructure brings real value to the delivery of coastal protection schemes. Recent history has demonstrated that rising sea levels and changing climatic patterns are subjecting the coastline of the United Kingdom to ever greater threats leading to flooding of coastal areas and extensive damage to coastal infrastructure. Traditional coastal defences are struggling to cope meaning that emergency works are often required alongside advanced planning for infrastructure protection. As part of the Renew Holdings Group, VHE has been able to work closely with other specialist and Group companies to design and implement the best solutions for the development and protection of coastal infrastructure across the United Kingdom. This experience includes the repair and replacement of transport infrastructure, coastal defences and the replacement of natural barriers to coastal erosion through the movement of beaches damaged by the effects of long shore drift. As a specialist remediation and infrastructure contractor, VHE has extensive experience in dealing with statutory utilities providers, infrastructure owners and government authorities so understands the importance of establishing excellent communications with all stakeholders to ensure that coastal defence work is carried out as efficiently as possible and meets the needs of the local community. Hunstanton to Heacham Beach Recycling Customer: Environment Agency The Hunstanton to Heacham Beach Recycling Project is ongoing and designed to repair damage caused by tidal action throughout the year. The works are part of an Environment Agency framework, tendered and carried out through our group partners, AMCO Engineering, with direct supervision from the EA Project manager at the site. The Project is usually carried out during February and March, but also has possible interim period works – in the event of extensive storm/tide damage. Works comprise of excavation of shingles from a tide deposition area, along the south of the Beach zone, transport to areas of requirement and bulldozer work to place and strengthen the defences. The Agency has specific check areas and they determine shingle usage for the repairs, subject to measurement of damage along the sea defence bunding. Machines are Bio-oiled, for environmental protection purposes and any fuelling is strictly supervised, off the beach, within the Site Compound. The works are carried out between strict tide timetables and accommodate the requirements of the RSPB and Natural England, to avoid damage to wildlife habitats. Contact VHE now on 01226 320150 • Visit • Find us on