Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 Page 10 Page 11 Page 12- 10 - NUCLEAR & RADIOLOGICAL Whilst having undertaken work directly in the nuclear sector, VHE is also able to call upon extensive additional expertise within the Renew Holdings Group. Shepley Engineers is the sister company of VHE and supplies specialist services in the nuclear sector. Shepley Engineers have been retained for many years in both Sellafield and at BNFL’s Springfields works, as well as completing projects at other nuclear installations including UKAEA’s Harwell site. Typical services have included design and build construction, care and maintenance work through to major decommissioning projects. VHE has undertaken major land reclamation projects involving the treatment of soil contamination caused by radium and/or chemical wastes, necessitating excavation, waste minimisation and assay in controlled environments. Nuclear Projects Customer: UKAEA, BNFL, MOD Harwell Southern Storage Area - remediation of hazardous chemical waste together with a wide variety of isotopes including plutonium, uranium and strontium. A former WW2 ammunitions storage area. The scheme was carried out for UKAEA. Ditton Manor Park - removal of radioactive waste including materials contaminated by Radium226. The site was formerly a Ministry of Defence facility for the manufacture and testing of compasses and military aircraft dials. Harwell LETP - the remediation of solid radioactive wastes from within a sealed containment for UKAEA. Inglis Barracks, Mill Hill - remediation of a site radiologically contaminated with Radium226, requiring careful excavation of materials to be segregated into low level and exempt waste for disposal Harwell Building B220 - sealing all loose contamination, decontamination downsizing and construction of a reinforced concrete floor using air locks for plant and material movement for UKAEA Quedgeley Urban Village - Remediation of a former RAF site for a future residential development including the provision of infrastructure, public amenity areas and sports pitches. The site contained radiological contamination from the burning of luminous dials and instrumentation from former WWII aircraft CLESA - VHE were appointed to carry out the completion of the side slopes to the Calder Landfill Extension Segregation Area (CLESA) within the low level waste landfill which is situated within the Sellafield complex in Cumbria VHE is dedicated to providing the best standards in Remediation to the Nuclear Sector Contact VHE now on 01226 320150 • Visit • Find us on